Les fruits du Paradis St. Barth was born in February 2015 during a hot evening in Saint Barth, in the Caribbean Sea, home of luxury and unspoiled nature.

The idea was to create a high level garment line which could join with an invisible thread the luxury of St. Barth and the luxuriant vegetation surrounding it. Our thirty-year experience in the field of high range clothes and the direct contact to the public have enabled us to gather an important group of French designers and a team of Italian fashion craftsmen, able to support us in our visionary idea of reshaping the concept of luxury.

How often is luxury perceived just as an end in itself? Beautiful, elegant, refined but cold. We worked on this project for three long years during which we explored a thousand ways of creativity. We came to the conclusion that the combination of simplicity with geniality is the uttermost of refinement. What is crucial is that our path has led us to collect material and ideas to keep on pursuing our goal with enthusiasm in the years to come. We have no interest in listing all our recent successes. The most prestigious ones are those of tomorrow.

The result of such a long work is what you find in our collection. You won’t be able to restrain yourself from smelling our scented towels, touching our exceptionally soft cotton sweatshirts, putting on our viscose dresses.

We certainly could dwell on a description of our accessorizes such as the flip-flops or the beach bags but we simply prefer to ignite your curiosity by revealing that you’ll find a line of extremely pure and very precious essences which will be in the package together with our towels.

Every towel will be paired with the essence of the fruit represented on the towel and on the combined sweatshirts.  You will slowly discover how many ideas and care were necessary to create our Brand.  Don’t be afraid to explore new directions with us. Only those who explore can improve themselves and the world.