Our line of Beach Towels:

Nothing you can imagine is as extraordinarily unique and incredible as our line of beach towels.

They are made in exceptionally soft cotton and decorated with three different types of fruit.  Each towel is perfumed with the very same precious essence of the fruit it represents.

The package includes an elegant metal box with our brand brochure, the towel with its exclusive beauty and a sample of the essence to re-perfume it after washing.

An unmissable and luxurious idea, a gift for yourself or for a person you want to amaze.

We’re also developing an essence line to enable our customers to purchase the fruit essence they chose.


Anyone will be surprised as they create an unmissable pairing with the towels by perfectly following their design and colours.


We let our dresses speak for themselves. The only thing to be added is that they are made in very precious viscose by skillful Italian tailors.


Swimsuits, flip-flops and beach bags will be perfect complements to grant originality and uniqueness to our collection.